For whom and where?

For anyone who enjoys great food! People who enjoy entertaining guests. People who are too busy, or would rather leave the preparation of a festive occasion or luxury meal to others. People who would like to enjoy the privacy of their own home or the venue of their choice.

As a romantic gift for your partner, you can pamper him or her however you wish. No problem of other people sitting too close to your restaurant table while you try to express your feelings. As far as Hayke is concerned, you can sing an aria as long as it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying your meal.

For those who would like to remain at the table during dinner, instead of constantly running to the kitchen to check on the pots and pans. Devote all your attention to your guests and the conversation and atmosphere, without constant interruptions. Nothing stands in the way of a congenial morning, afternoon or evening.

For businessmen who want to hold a relaxed business conversation at your own table without constant distractions or interruptions. You can have an effective business meeting over dinner.

For those who want to organise a dinner in conjunction with a workshop. Options include wine and food tastings, history of art information, painting classes in several studios and galleries.

In short, for anyone who, rather than the predictability of a restaurant, prefers the privacy, personal warmth and comfort of their own home or a personally selected venue. For all who appreciate the exclusivity, quality and personal attention of a Home Cooked Diner.

Almost anything is possible, just say what you want! Hayke will gladly pay you a visit to determine your needs and discuss the options. Can the things that you want be made in your own kitchen, or would you like Hayke to also find a perfect and surprising venue?

Would you like to have absolutely everything arranged? Would you like extra service staff on hand? The table laid festively by Hayke, written invitations for your guests? Would you prefer not to arrange the menu yourself, but only indicate what should NOT be included? No problem! You just let us know, and we’ll organise an event never to be forgotten.

Home delivery

Maybe you want a very private dinner, and would rather that Hayke prepares everything and delivers it to you with careful instructions? She can! Everything is delivered to you nearly ready, allowing you to make the finishing touches and serve the dinner to your guests in privacy. Nobody in your kitchen and all the compliments for yourself.



"Een paar weken geleden heeft HaykeKookt een romantisch verrassingsdiner voor twee voor mijn vrouw en mij georganiseerd vanwege de 40e verjaardag van mijn vrouw. Het was in een woord fantastisch. Het eten was subliem en Hayke dacht ook actief mee over allerlei zaken zodat de invulling van de avond precies was zoals ik het me had voorgesteld. Uiteindelijk hebben we een heerlijk diner in onze eigen achtertuin mogen beleven. Een onvergetelijke ervaring"!!!
Frans Jacobs | 04.08.2008